Golden Sky Metal and Jewelry Trading LLC

We aim to become the leaders in the gold refining and sourcing industry. Our immense passion and experience has allowed us to build strong supplier networks around Africa. We have the right tools and team for the Gold and other metal sourcing and procurement.
Our company’s vision and philosophy complement each other with constant and consistent support for economic growth through a strengthened and empowered global trade. Our goal is to empower global trade by creating dominant leader position in the Gold and precious metal supply industry.

Gold Live Rates

Our Services

We acquire and refine various types of precious metals, including Gold, Silver and other valuable commodities that retain a high worth in today’s precious metal industry. Our major services include assaying, trading, custody, responsible sourcing and logistics.


  • Our experts determine the quality of the precious metals before they are prepared for logistics.
  • Our metal refining experts ensure the purity of each every metal bar through a rigorous quality assurance procedure.

Responsible Sourcing

  • Our success is a proof of our quality assurance.
  • We utilize meticulous methods for responsible sourcing of the metals.


  • Every ingot is prepared according to quality standards
  • We maintain complete transparency in operations
  • We trade all over the world through a reliable network of suppliers


  • Thorough personal inspection services
  • Maximum insurance coverage
  • Maximum security protection during delivery


  • Top-tier logistics providers, experienced in transporting precious commodities.
  • Flexible supply process

About Us

We are a group of visionaries and business analysts who identify opportunities in the Gold and precious metal supply industry to create endless possibilities for metal supply networks around Africa. Our strategic approach toward metal sourcing and refining helps us bring timely product delivery around the world.

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